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Princess (Kids) Paradise Mani
Regular Manicure

The LUXURY of your neck and shoulders! Healing Herbal Neck Wrap contour your neck and shoulders to help relieve stress aches cramps, muscle pain, increase blood circulation. Trim nails, cuties, cleanse the nails, massage, polish.

Deluxe Honey & Milk Manicure

The LUXURY of your neck and shoulder!! Healing Herbal Neck Wrap contour your neck and shoulders to help relieve stress aches cramps, muscle pain, increase blood circulation. Trim nails, cuticles, cleanse the nails, longer massage hot oil hot stone, buttermilk & honey and two towels.

Color Gel Polish Manicure

Trim nails, cuticles, cleanse the nails, massage with lotion and hot towels.

SNS Dipping Powder

It has no odor, no liquid, no primer. SNS for healthy nails, unlike acrylic SNS are much thinner, light weights and most importantly, helps your clients’ nails grow out stronger and healthier by adding 5 different kinds of Vitamin E A, D3, B5 and Calcium. These products are made in USA

SNS Dipping Powder w/ Mani
SNS Dipping Powder w/ Tips
SNS Dipping Powder P&W Gel
Regular Color Polish Hands
Gel Polish Color/French w/o Mani


Princess (Kids) Paradise Pedi

Under 12 years old

Regular Pedicure

Sugar Scrub, lotion, oil, hot towel, polish

Deluxe Spa Pedicure

Callus Removal Cleanse the toes w/ Sea Salt, lotion, oil, hot stone, and two hot towels, polish

Pedi-in-a-box Spa Pedicure

Available in Honey, Pearl, Jasmine, Mango, Orange, Green Tea Sea Salt, callus removal, longer massage w/ Milk & Honey sea salt, lotion, hot stone, foot mask, buttermilk & honey, two hot towels.

Organic Herbal Spa Pedicure

(4-step-in-a-box made in USA) The plant essence contains can quickly whitening the skin and clean. Also making smooth and refresh Sea soak, cleanser, callus removal, sugar scrub, mud masque, two hot towel, hot stone, extra 20′ massage with lotion.

Collagen Luxury Spa Pedicure

Collagen Luxury Pedicure!! Healing Herbal legs 100% all natural aromatherapy. Our natural herbal wrap contour your legs to help relieve stress, aches, cramps, muscle pain and increase blood circulation. Use cold can promote muscle relaxation, reduce swelling sprained calf bruises and stings. Collagen luxury spa pedicure utilize products like the Herbal Mineral Bath, Liquid Body Lufra, Ice Dancing Invigorating Gel, Sole Solution Foot Treatment, Extra 30′ massage w/ Baobab Body Butter to revive, reconditioning w/ hot towel wraps and hot stones, will leave your skin exceptional silky and smooth.

Color/French Change Toes
Callus Removal


Color Gel Polish w/ Pedi
Color Gel Polish French w/ Pedi
Design (2 big toes)
Design (all 10 toes)


Half Arms
Full Face
Under Arms
Full Arms
Half Legs
Full Legs

Nail Enhancement

Full Set OPI Acrylic Nails
Fill In OPI Acrylic Nails
Full Set Gel Color Nails
Fill In Gel Color Nails
Full Set UV Pink & White Gel
Fill In UV Pink & White Gel
Pink Fill
Pink Fill
Extra $5
Color Gel Polish Add-on
Designs (2 nails)
Designs (all 10 nails)
Shapes (Coffin/Oval/Stiletto/Almond)
Long Nails

Complimentary Refreshments

* One per customer

Drinks: Water – Soft Drinks